Food Group International, founded in 2005, produces and distributes Avelina Oats in the United States. Our plant, which is located in Doral, Florida has the capacity to produce 132,000 tons of oatmeal per month.

Avelina Oats counts with a rigorous quality control process, which is applied from grain selection to conversion into a whole flake. Rich in fiber, oats serve as the base for a diverse line of products and sub products that are commercialized as raw material for other companies.



Avelina Oats is a premium brand that offers consumers the promise of a healthy life. Avelina Oats is for anyone who cares about their health, is attentive to the nutritional content of the food they eat and demand quality and good taste.


Today, Avelina Oats produces a wide-range of 100% natural whole grain oats products—to satisfy our customers’ diverse palates.