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A single grain can help define from where one was rooted. Avelina’s roots stem far back to the “old country” when our company’s founder Eleoterio immigrated from Italy to America for a new life, for a clean slate, a fresh start.


America was and still is a land of shocking beauty and countless opportunity. A new region with breathtaking mountain ranges, long lush fields, and frozen snowless winters. That last part is very important in our story! Without snow to weigh down grains in the field our oats avoid becoming stained by soil. A purer grain than collected in the north, an oat unsullied and untouched by the floor below.  A clean slate for a nutritional meal.


We took our oats and shared it among our families, our friends, and the world, to start a new journey. City to city, we spread our grains, believing in our mission, as we raised new standards for family’s farm to table foods. Time passed and our dedication to our founding’s only solidified with a new generation to take charge. The family’s two daughters Ornella and Valentina are writing the next chapters of our story, focusing on creating a “family of happy customers” rather than a family for customers.


They’d like to share with you directly the gifts they’ve enjoyed growing up. The company may be entering markets and stores across the globe, but the coming chapter is now being written their own way. Emphasizing the human touch of Avelina, focusing on their craft, and enriching their products with its roots and family.


The next chapter of Avelina is about you.

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